SoSoChat On The Go Service
SoSoChat On The Go is the international calling card service offered by SoSoChat. The service works just like any calling card you would buy in the store; however, there are great advantages to using the SoSoChat service.

Unlike others, SoSoChat charges ABSOLUTELY no fees, we have HONEST rates, and because we use direct routes to send your calls we have EXCELLENT call quality .

It is easy to get started and convenient to use, you can sign up for service on this website or by calling customer support at (800) 811-3715 or (404) 348-4686. Your account will be activated immediately and as soon as your account is activated you can start making calls, there is no need for you to wait for an actual card.

This calling card service offers the cheapest rate to call Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and others. You can make calls using the SoSoChat On The GO Service anywhere in the USA, Canada and the UK. This low cost calling card service can be used from any mobile phone, home phone or business phone, there is no need to purchase equipment or internet service since you use your existing telephone to make calls.

The SoSoChat On The Go calling service offers many great features such as online signup and account management, pin free dialing from up to five different phones, local access numbers in USA, UK and Canada, no expiration account, 24/7 top-up and many more.