Mobile Phone Access to Home Account (Unified Service) When you signup for any SoSoChat Broadband Home phone plan, SoSoChat also provides you with a FREE feature which allows you to make calls through your home account when you are away from home.

Making low cost international phone calls through your home account when you are on the go is easy, just call any SoSoChat access number and follow the simple instructions to place your call and it will be billed to your home account at the same low rate as if you were home making the call. Now there is no need to buy calling cards that may or may not work or make expensive calls directly from your mobile phone.

Block of minutes
SoSoChat is the only company currently offering blocks of minutes for calls to Jamaica, to view plans with Jamaica minutes included, click on the following link,
SoSoChat On The Go
The SoSoChat On The Go service is a prepaid phone service mainly used from mobile phones to make international long distance calls. The service works just like the standard calling card, but without the long cumbersome pin. We charge ABSOLUTELY no fees, the account is rechargeable and funds added to your account do not expire as long as you use the service at least once per year.

The service is available anywhere in the USA, Canada and the UK. This low cost Jamaica calling card service can be used from any mobile phone; home phone or business phone, there is no need to purchase any equipment because you use your existing phone to make calls.

Once you open an account, there is no need to do so again, whenever the funds on the account is low or depleted, you would simply add more funds to make calls. You may add funds by logging in online, calling the access number or calling SoSoChat customer service at (800) 811-3715.

To Make Calls from Your Computer Using Softphone Program
To make calls from your desktop or laptop computer, you will need a SoSoChat broadband account and a softphone. A softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a laptop or desktop computer rather than using dedicated hardware such as a standard telephone. Often a softphone is designed to behave like a traditional telephone, sometimes appearing as an image of a phone, with a display panel and buttons with which the user can interact. A softphone is usually used with a headset connected to outlets on the computer.

To get the free soft phone program, click on the following link or copy and paste it into your web browser When the download window comes up you may ignore the standard security warning and either click on run to install the program or you may save it to your computer then install it. After successful installation you will be prompted for login information, enter the following:

Login: (this will be provided by SoSoChat)
Soft phone Password: (this will be provided by SoSoChat)

Make Calls From your SmartPhone.
Click on the following link or copy and paste it into your web browser
Jamaica and international phone numbers:
SoSoChat can provide its customers with telephone numbers from several different countries including Jamaica, USA, UK and Canada; these numbers are called virtual numbers. These virtual numbers when assigned to your account, allows others to contact you by calling your assigned number. There is no limit to the number of virtual numbers that can be assigned to one account. There is a monthly charge of $5.99 or more for each virtual number assigned.

The main use of the virtual number is to allow someone in a different city or country to call you without paying long distance rates. For example, if you are in the USA and you have a relative in the UK, you could get a local UK number assigned to your account. When your relative wishes to reach you they would call your assigned UK number which would ring on your telephone in the USA. Since they would be calling a local UK number, they would avoid paying long distance charges. Typically you would not be charged for the calls either, thus making it a FREE call for both of you.
Please note having a virtual number from a country or city does not give you the ability to call that country or city free or unlimited. It is the plan that you have on your account that determines your call rates.

Account Topup
There are several ways to topup or add funds to your account:
i) Topup online: To topup your account online, login to your account. After logging into your account you will see a $ sign at the top left hand side of the page, roll your mouse pointer over the symbol then click on “Make Payment”. When the payment page comes up enter the amount you wish to add to your account. There is a minimum value of $10.00 by default, this is the minimum amount you may add to your account, however, you may add any amount over $10.00. To use a different card than that which is saved on your account, click on the icon that says “Use Other Card”
ii) Topup remotely via registered Telephone: To topup via telephone, you must call into the system from a registered telephone. Call any of the access numbers below from a registered telephone. Your current balance will be announced and you will be prompted to dial your destination. Instead of dialing a destination number you will dial *41, there will be a long pause while the system searches for your account credentials, then you will hear; press 1 to check your balance, press 2 to topup your account, press 3 to call customer service. At this point you will press 2 then follow the prompts.
iii) Topup Directly from Your SoSoChat Telephone: To topup directly from your SoSoChat telephone, press *41 from the handset connected to the SoSoChat service. There may be a pause while the system searches for your account credentials, then you will hear; press 1 to check your balance, press 2 to topup your account, and press 3 to call customer service. At this point you will press 2 then follow the prompts.
iv) Auto Topup: Your account can be set to topup automatically without you having to login online or call in, this ensures that you would never run out of funds in the middle of important conversation. The way this works is, your account is set to topup with a predetermined amount whenever the balance on your account drops below a certain amount. For example your account can be set to topup with $30 whenever the balance drops below $10. This means if you are on the phone and the remaining balance goes below $10, $30 would be automatically added to your account from your credit or debit card on file.
v) Topup by calling SoSoChat Customer Service: Simply dial (800) 811-3715 and select option 2.
vi) Topup by voucher: this option is not supported at this time; ignore any reference to voucher topup both online and by telephone.
Online Account Management
You can manage your SoSoChat online from anywhere in the world. You can view call records, configure features, add funds to make out of plan calls and much more. To access your account online:
i) Visit
ii) Click on “Login” at the upper left side of the page.
iii) Enter your login ID and password (this will be provided by SoSoChat)
To get help using the account management website: The web interface runs a “smart system” which is context sensitive, this means that you can click on the help button in whatever page you are on to get specific information about the features on that page.
Three way calling
This feature allows you to speak to two people at the same time. The following are the steps to use this feature.
i) When you’re already on a call with someone, press the “Flash” or “Talk” button on your phone to put that person on hold.
ii) You should then hear a dial tone again; next dial the second person’s number.
iii) When the second person answers, press the “Flash” or “Talk” button again to bring the first friend back on the line.
Call forwarding
i) Log into your account.
ii) Click on account info.
iii) Click on the “follow me” tab
iv) Chick on “add” (this is at the top left of the page)
v) Enter a name for this forwarding in the appropriate field and enter the forwarding number in the appropriate field without any brackets or dashes. Please note the forwarding number must include the country code, for example if forwarding calls to a number in the USA, enter 12021231234.
Call Waiting
i) When you’re already on a call with someone, you will hear a beep or buzz, press the “Flash” or “Talk” button on your phone to put that person on hold. And talk to the 2nd person, when you are finished with the conversation, press the “Flash” or “Talk” button again to go back to the first conversation.
Caller ID
This feature allows you to see the number of the person calling you; this is enabled on your service by default, no configuration is necessary. S long as the telephone handset you are using has the capability, you will be able to see the number of someone calling you. In some instances, a person may block their caller ID or make their information private, in these cases you will see the word “private” or “anonymous” displayed.
To retrieve your voicemail from the SoSoChat system, dial *98 or *09 from a handset connected to your SoSoChat service, no password is needed.
Remote voicemail retrieval:
To retrieve your voicemail messages when you are away from home, dial any of our remote voicemail access numbers below, from any other telephone. When prompted simply enter your entire account ID then enter your voicemail password.
1 (567) 244-5808
1 (954) 903-9142
1 (647) 723-9867
1 (876) 614-0894
Unlimited calling
SoSoChat offers unlimited calling to all SoSoChat customers worldwide, with the appropriate plan we offer unlimited calling to USA, Canada and UK. There are no unlimited calling plans to Jamaica at this time.
Voicemail to email
i) Log into your account.
ii) Click on the messages icon. (this is the @ sign)
iii) Select “UM Preferences” from the dropdown
iv) Chick on the “External E-Mail” tab
v) Enter the email address that you want the messages to go to
vi) Select the appropriate action from the three options; forward, notify or copy